May 25, 2010

Two Pencils: a Love Story

This is the tale of two beautifully sharpened writing utensils who met and fell in love. The day arrived when one of the woody lovers had to go on a journey and the other was left alone to doodle in notepads and sketch on skyscrapers.

Today in photography class we learned about storytelling and students had to photograph their own story at the end of class. The pencil story was photographed and created by Jessica, Jennifer and Jacqueline. I gave them 4 possible themes to choose from: a love story, food, an accident or something lost and found.

I tried to explain that there are many ways to tell a story visually. I said that a photo essay doesn't necessarily have to be a sequence of images that go in order, it could be several photos that capture a certain theme or subject. I showed them a photo essay on tango by two photographers who are traveling all over South America. They have some really beautiful photos on their blog.

I also discovered a photo storytelling website/magazine called Nuestra Mirada that features photo essays from photographers throughout Latin America and Spain. This is where I found the tango essay.

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