Sep 13, 2010

Jul 15, 2010

a dress in the making (part IV)

My dress has been completed! I'm so happy with the finished piece! I also purchased hot pink tagua nut earrings for $1 at the market and Patricia gifted me 2 flower headpieces for my hair for the final accessories. The only thing lacking from these photos is dramatic eye make-up, blush and hot pink lipstick.

I think my favorite part about Nicaraguan folkloric dresses are the full skirts that you can swish and twirl all over the place. Yesterday Patricia (professional dancer who teaches at the cultural center) gave me a dance lesson and I learned some of the basic steps to folkloric dance, including paso sencillo, zapateado and el cruzado. A lot of the dance is about having strong posture, holding your head up and puffing your chest out. You can give it flair and attitude just by the way you move your hips and hold your skirt. I'm excited to perform some of the dances I've learned when I get home (in less than a week!)

Jun 21, 2010

student photos

Below are some of my young adult photo students' best images, chosen for the upcoming art exhibition at the cultural center.

(top photo)
Dreams in the Street
photo and description by Luis Caneles

With the sky as my roof, the sun and the rain are my companions, day by day, as I bring home the wages that will sustain me each day.

My hands are my tools, my juggling balls are the wings of my soul. I ask with a smile and return to my dreams in the street.

Photograph of Alfredo Cuadro, teenager dressed as a clown.

(bottom photo)
The Lonely Feather, His Shadow His Only Companion
photo and description by Jessica Diaz Lopez

Upon first glance, it is fairly obvious that this image is of a feather. I think this image says that in spite of our loneliness, there is always something that accompanies us, even if it's just our own shadow. Many times that shadow transforms into a painful past. This photo expresses many things and each person can interpret it in different ways. For me the photo represents loneliness and saddness. I like the photo because of the the strong contrast between the black and the white.

I like the theme of "shadow" because we can find figures or forms that are very interesting and not just flat plains without depth but with more volume and layers.

May 25, 2010

Two Pencils: a Love Story

This is the tale of two beautifully sharpened writing utensils who met and fell in love. The day arrived when one of the woody lovers had to go on a journey and the other was left alone to doodle in notepads and sketch on skyscrapers.

Today in photography class we learned about storytelling and students had to photograph their own story at the end of class. The pencil story was photographed and created by Jessica, Jennifer and Jacqueline. I gave them 4 possible themes to choose from: a love story, food, an accident or something lost and found.

I tried to explain that there are many ways to tell a story visually. I said that a photo essay doesn't necessarily have to be a sequence of images that go in order, it could be several photos that capture a certain theme or subject. I showed them a photo essay on tango by two photographers who are traveling all over South America. They have some really beautiful photos on their blog.

I also discovered a photo storytelling website/magazine called Nuestra Mirada that features photo essays from photographers throughout Latin America and Spain. This is where I found the tango essay.


Today in photography class we learned about different ways to capture action in photographs (stop action, panning, and blurred movement). Here are some images taken by students from some of our action capturing exercises. I got to be a juggling model :)

I think they did a great job, considering that it's quite difficult to capture action using point and shoot digital cameras. The photo of me was taken with my SLR professional camera. I wanted the students to have a chance to see the difference between an SLR and a point and shoot.